urban decay girl (hermyone6) wrote,
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GRIMM fics rec

I think I'm going to do the first Grimm fics rec.

About the new series.
I watched the first episode of Grimm with no interest at all and after that I forgot about it. Please not another supernatural cop show!
Then last week I watched the third episode and something clicked. It's not about cops, one of them with weird powers and weirder ancestors but a show who give us an interesting take on the power of the wild in modern times.
It focuses on the relationship between Nick who is "a Grimm" - yes the fairytales - and a very dangerous man who is not a man but a wolf and got a wry sense of humor, meanwhile trying to relate to the dark side.
Hell now it's interesting.

David Greenwalt of my beloved "Miracles" is behind all that.

Halfway Up the Learning Curve, Breaking All the Rules by Macx 

Nick Burckhardt/Eddie Monroe -  explicit WIP

I never Knew This Light Could Be So Violent

by rl4sb4eva

Nick Burckhardt/Eddie Monroe - nc 17

(three points) in your favour by Mononoke

Nick Burckhardt/Eddie Monroe R





ON ao3


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